Stem cells are beneficial and remarkably so. They have the ability to develop into many different crucial cell types in the body. Moreover, stem cell therapy is employed into curing different forms of cancer.

Stem cells, in fact, do cure certain types of cancer currently, primarily leukemia and lymphomas. Research is underway to expand this portfolio to hopefully all forms of cancer. Scientists are also hoping that stem cell research lets them tap into what it exactly is that triggers abnormal cell growth.

Dr. Julie R. Park leads one of the numerous stem cell research teams and has recently crossed a major milestone. One of her patients, preschooler Katie Belle has completely recovered from cancer thanks to a new form of stem cell therapy.about-stem-cell-therapy

Here is her story, as described by Jonel Aleccia for Valley News.

Girl Cured of Cancer by Two Stem-Cell Transplants
Seattle — When doctors at Seattle Children’s wanted to try an experimental treatment to attack preschooler Katie Belle’s rare and dangerous cancer, her parents were willing but wary.
The Seattle girl was diagnosed at 3½ with high-risk neuroblastoma, a nerve-cell disease that triggers tumors in babies and young children — and leads to death in more than half within five years. Katie’s chances of survival were even lower — just 35 percent. See full post here

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