Science is often flocked with questions and concerns about moral and safe practices. At Neo Matrix Medical, we want to assure you that our stem cell research and therapy practices do not impose on your moral views. So, let’s discuss the five most common misconceptions about stem cell therapy treatments.

Myth: Stem cell research is an unethical practice.
With the rising concerns and rumors that surround stem cell research and harvesting, it is no surprise to us that you might be worried about our practices. Our researchers and specialists take these concerns seriously. The National Institutes of Health is a national body that governs our research to ensure the safety and protection of our methods. It is our duty to follow regulations, nationally and internationally, that consider new ethical challenges as our studies continue. We know what the implications are and we work together to conduct safe and principled research.

Myth: Stem cell are harvested from aborted fetuses.
While our stem cells do come from embryos, they are not harvested from aborted fetuses.These specific cells do compromise the hollow blastocyst, which is a much younger 4-5 day old embryo, when extracted. These cells are donated from In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) clinics.

Myth: Stem cells can only be taken from embryos.
While our stem cell therapy clinic focuses on how embryonic stem cells can heal and regenerate cells for our patients, adult stem cells are also valuable. However, stem cells taken from adult tissue are limited in their uses. Adult stem cells do not grow like embryonic stem cells can only be used for specific diseases and cell therapy treatments.

Myth: Stem cell research will lead to human cloning.
Stem cell research does not lead to human cloning. All governing entities do not allow our research to be used for cloning research, experimentation, implementation, or funding. This includes our stem cell therapy clinic. In fact, the most significant regulatory bodies specifically forbid this. It is our mission at Neo Matrix Medical to use adult and embryonic stem cells for regenerative healing for our patients.

Our stem cell therapy clinic at Neo Matrix Medical strictly follows the guidelines set by our regulatory entities. Our methods and missions are conducted with you, the patient, in mind. Consult with us today to discuss how a stem cell therapy treatment could help you.