Tired of smearing on creams? Horrified by the idea of going the knife just clear up a few of your wrinkles?

Neo Matrix Medical is here to offer you our progressive anti-aging cosmetics solution. With our stem cell therapy treatment, our new approach gives you the easy regime you’ve been looking for.

Here are the benefits of using our stem cell therapy for your cosmetic needs:

  • non-surgical procedure that does
    not require anesthesia or other medications
  • natural cosmetic solution that gives a natural appearance than alternative methods
  • affordable alternative compared to surgeries, creams, serums, injections, etc.
  • painless procedure that also eliminates the worry of scarring
  • no recovery time and no side effects

Many anti-aging solutions present a plethora of costly expenditures, dangerous outcomes, and make you vulnerable to complications.

Why it works

Stem cells are biomedical products found naturally in your body. By using this natural tissue, we are not relying on harsh chemicals, needle injections, or invasive surgery to bring you rejuvenated skin. These stem cells are taken from placenta tissue and offers one of the most successful alternatives to smoothing out wrinkles and repairing skin elasticity. Stem cells exist in the body to signal cell regrowth, build connective tissue, and produce collagen. We simply take what your body already has and use it in our cosmetic practices.

Stem cell therapy is an effective method that ultimately:

  • replaces damaged skin cells and increase vascularization, thereby successfully rejuvenating the skin.
  • regenerates collagen and elastin to tighten your skin.dreamstime_xxl_49147173
  • stimulates the production of collagen to smooth out stubborn wrinkles.

Stem Cell therapy will specifically target the color, elasticity, and lines that gravity creates in your skin as you age. Cosmetic stem cell therapy rejuvenates the following skin conditions:

  • uneven skin color
  • brown spots
  • age spots
  • scars
  • saggy and “tired’ skin in under eyes, neck and jowl area,and nasolabial folds
  • vascular lesions and possible damage done because of skin disorders
  • and more!

At Neo Matrix Medical, we offer our patients the best and most effective ways to restore the wear and tear and damage that aging brings. Stem cell therapy can be used in a variety of rejuvenating ways including anti-aging face treatments. Our nontraditional approach to meeting your cosmetic needs is a revolutionary step which gives you fast and effective results. Consult with us today to begin your stem cell therapy treatment!