robert-carderDr. Greg Carter, a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine “fell? into Complimentary & Alternative Medicine almost by mistake. While in his third year of Pre-Med he suffered a debilitating low back injury. Stymied by unrelenting pain, Dr. Carter became frustrated with the plan of care outlined by his Primary Care Physician & Orthopedic Surgeon & in a fit of desperation he. Carder decided against his better judgement to investigate a Chiropractic option for a possible solution to his dilemma. To his surprise, the pain, discomfort & loss of function he had been shouldered with was almost immediately alleviated post treatment.
This single event triggered a lifetime of investigation & pursuit for the best ways to combine Conventional Medicine with Complimentary & Alternative Medicine (also called Functional Medicine). Today the goal of Health & Medicine is the elimination of disease but the future is far greater. For the first time in history, Man stands on the precipice of radical life extension & radical life expansion… indefinite life. Sounds like science fiction until you realize that we are far closer than you think. Today, modern day cyborgs walk among us, our biology is merging with our technology & identifiable bridges to immortality have been defined.