Improve Patient Care and Increase Revenue With Stem Cells For Medical Use

For most physicians, the changes in healthcare and insurance reimbursement have contributed to an increase in the number of work hours and a decrease in the revenue earned for those hours. Our placental tissue matrix products offer you a no-cost, revolutionary solution:

  • Adding stem cells for medical use to your practice creates a substantial new revenue source.
  • You can begin offering stem cell medicine with very little effort.
  • Give your patients one of most effective podiatric treatments on earth instead of sending them to a stem cell clinic.

Through Neo Matrix Medical, you can provide patients with the newest stem cell therapy utilizing tissue allografts regulated by the FDA. The procedure is fast, easy and provides phenomenal benefits to your patients suffering from:

  • Foot and Ankle Conditions such as Plantar fasciitis; Achilles tendonitis; Metatarsalgia; osteoarthritis; neuritis/neuropathy; neuromas…the very same conditions you currently treat in your office every day and more
  • Wounds and Ulcers resulting from diabetes; peripheral vascular disease; immobility/pressure; injury, and more

All Neo Matrix products are obtained from a placenta. This eliminates ethical and moral concerns regarding fetal or maternal injury or immunologic rejection issues. The patient’s own stem cells are activated, and an additional source of ample stem cells is provided along with all the tools necessary to repair the injured area.

You’ll Have Complete Confidence in Your Quality of Care

  • Stem cell medicine is safe for your patients. There’s little to no concern about side effects.
  • Stem cell medicine effectively regenerates connective tissue
  • Our stem cells for medical use are always available and ships to arrive at your door within 48 hours after you order.
  • As easy to administer as injections you’re already performing in your office
  • Stem cells for medical use are non-immunogenic

Stem Cells Are Transforming the Areas of Foot and Wound Care

The development of our innovative placental tissue matrix products completely rewrite the rules for how you are able to treat patients suffering with pain and disability. You no longer have to settle for therapies that only cover up symptoms or barely provide your patients with any noticeable relief! Stem cell clinics are turning the tables on treating multitudinous types of pain, and by partnering with Neo Matrix Medical, you can become one of the few podiatrists to join the trend.

The safe, effective, FDA-regulated Neo Matrix placental tissue matrix product therapies can:

  • Cause your practice’s reputation to soar as the “go-to” place for astonishing, state-of-the-art care.
  • Radically improve your patient’s’ health and quality of life – faster and easier than any other option.
  • Quickly and substantially increase the amount of revenue brought in by your practice
  • There’s no better time than now to begin offering stem cells for medical use. You and your patients will be thrilled with the results.

Call one of our expert advisors today. Join the ever growing group of forward thinking physicians who are changing the face of patient care with Neo Matrix’s life-changing tissue rejuvenation products.