Stem Cell Therapy Treatment: A Value Added “Win-Win” Solution For Your Practice

For most physicians, recent changes in healthcare and insurance reimbursement have contributed to an increase in the number of work hours and a decrease in the revenue earned for those hours.

You’re under more pressure than ever before to treat your patients as quickly as possible. In some cases, hindering your ability to provide the level of quality care you want to deliver.

Our stem cells for medical use and placental tissue matrix products offer you a no-cost, revolutionary solution:

  1. Your patients already seek fast, effective alternatives to surgery.
  2. Stem cell therapy treatment can complement surgery and provide better and faster results
  3. Adding stem cell treatment creates a substantial new revenue source for your medical center.
  4. You can begin offering stem cell therapy with very little effort.
  5. Stem cells for medical use give your patients one of the most effective musculoskeletal, cosmetic and wound care treatments available.
  6. Through Neo Matrix Medical, you can provide patients with the newest stem cell therapy treatment utilizing tissue allografts regulated by the FDA. The procedure is fast and easy. (You can receive professional medical training in these procedures as well as choosing the easier solution which is to have us provide these services at your office).
  7. The patient’s own stem cells are activated, and an additional source of ample stem cells for medical use is provided along with all the tools necessary to repair the injured area.

Complete Confidence in Quality of Care

Concerned about getting involved with stem cells for medical use? Here are the facts:

  • It’s safe for your patients with little to no need for concern about side effects
  • It effectively regenerates connective tissue, which produces results for your patients
  • It’s readily available and arrives at your door within 48 hours after ordering
  • As easy to administer as injections you’re already performing in your office
  • Non-immunogenic

Transforming the Areas of Joint, Spine, Wound and Cosmetic Care

The development of our innovative placental tissue matrix products completely rewrite the rules for how you are able to treat patients suffering with joint, spine, and other wounds. We even have applications specifically designed for cosmetic use.

You no longer have to settle for therapies that only mask symptoms or provide minimal relief for your patients! You can turn the tables on treating many types of pain, chronic wounds, and even physical disability with stem cell therapy treatment.

The safe, effective, FDA-regulated Neo Matrix placental tissue matrix product therapies can:

  • Cause your practice’s reputation to soar as the “go-to” place for astonishing, state-of-the-art stem cell therapy treatment
  • Radically improve your patient’s’ health and quality of life – faster and easier than any other option
  • Quickly and substantially increase the amount of revenue brought in by your practice

There’s no better time than now to begin offering stem cells for medical use. You and your patients will be thrilled with the results. Call one of our expert advisers today.

Join the ever growing group of forward thinking physicians who are changing the face of patient care with Neo Matrix’s life-changing tissue rejuvenation products.