Want To Give Your Med Spa A Face Lift?

Your clients come to you looking for everything from facials and hair removal to pharmaceutical injections and other medical procedures. Partnering with Neo Matrix Medical to offer the therapeutic use of stem cells can open up a whole new revenue stream while allowing you to provide a superior level of service to your current patients:

  • Your med spa patients already seek fast, effective alternatives to surgery.
  • Adding stem cells for medical use to your practice creates a substantial new revenue source.
  • You can begin offering therapeutic uses of stem cells with very little effort.
  • Stem cells for medical use gives your patients one of the most effective cosmetic treatments on earth.

Complete Confidence in Quality of Med Spa Care

  • The therapeutic use of stem cells is safe for your med spa patients with little to no need for concern about side effects.
  • It effectively regenerates connective tissue, which produces great results for your patients.
  • Stem cells for medical use are readily available and arrive at your door within 48 hours after ordering.
  • As easy to administer as injections you’re already performing in your office
  • Non-immunogenic

Transforming Cosmetic Care

The development of our innovative placental tissue matrix products completely rewrite the rules for how you are able to treat med spa patients with applications specifically designed for cosmetic use.

Safe, effective, FDA-regulated Neo Matrix placental tissue matrix product therapies can:

  1. Cause your med spa’s reputation to soar as the “go-to” place for astonishing, state-of-the-art care.
  2. Improve your patient’s results and quality of life – faster and easier than any other option.
  3. Quickly and substantially increase the amount of revenue brought in by your location.

There’s no better time than now to begin offering this revolutionary treatment. You and your patients will be thrilled with the results. Call one of our medical stem cell advisors today. Join the ever growing network of Medi-Spas who are changing the face of patient care with Neo Matrix’s life-changing tissue rejuvenation products.