Use Stem Cell Medicine To Boost Patient Results And Practice Revenue

Chiropractors everywhere are joining with Neo Matrix Medicine to offer a simple solution that increases revenue while delivering a broader variety of musculoskeletal services to their patients.

Our Chiropractic Regenerative Medicine Program is a seamless holistic addition to your integrative chiropractic practice.

Not yet set up as an integrative practice? No problem.

Our no-cost* program gives you the perfect chance to join other DC’s who are reaping the rewards of offering a more comprehensive list of musculoskeletal treatments in their practices.

* No licensing, set-up, equipment purchase, or other fees

As a Chiropractor, you focus on correcting the underlying issues behind your patients suffering. Instead of masking pain, you diagnose and treat those mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system to positively affect and improve your patient’s health.

Our stem cells for medical use are complementary to what you’re already doing. Offering stem cells for medical use allows your patients to receive a safe, FDA-cleared placental tissue matrix product therapy that is natural and effective, right in your office:

  • Stem cell medicine promotes dramatic improvement in your patient’s health and quality of life.
  • The majority of your patients desire fast, effective alternative therapies.
  • Adding therapeutic uses of stem cells to your practice creates a substantial new revenue source.
  • You can begin offering stem cell medicine with very little effort. It’s designed to be easily implemented.
  • Give your patients one of most effective and extraordinary musculoskeletal treatments on earth.

All Neo Matrix Placental Tissue Matrix Products Are:

  • Safe for your patients with little to no need for concern about side effects.
  • Effective at regenerating connective tissue.
  • Readily available and arrives at your door within 48 hours after ordering.
  • As easy to administer as injections you’re already performing in your office
  • Non-immunogenic

Here’s the Procedure to Ensure You Are Able to Participate
We help you by doing the following:

  • Provide you with the placental tissue matrix product one day before the scheduled injections.
  • Assist in training the medical provider/ injection specialist you hire to perform the injections.
  • Support you in marketing stem cells for medical use as a service.
  • Provide information on offering cosmetic applications as well.

Your responsibilities are as follows:

  • You can provide or outsource the injection specialist who can assess each patient’s suitability for joint therapy, and also perform the injections.
  • Market the therapeutic uses of stem cells to your patients.
  • Designate time slots to schedule your patient’s placental tissue matrix product injections.
  • Your compensation depends on your service price and the cost of an injection specialist.
  • Provide at least one 8’ x 11’ room with a professional examination or procedure table.

You Can Even Take Advantage of Our Hassle Free Mobile Service That Comes to Your Office!

What about our mobile service?

You can offer this service to your patients with the least amount of interruption to your current environment. What we do is contract with you to offer our services in your office.

  • You provide a space for us to use on a specific day of the week.
  • We can provide in-house stem cell medicine materials to market to your existing clientele.
  • We provide the ultrasound equipment, all medical supplies and the injector.
  • We perform the initial ultrasound and schedule the injection date.
  • We schedule follow-up exams at 3 months and 6 months after injection for objective documentation.
  • We train your office staff and make the process as easy as possible.
  • There’s no better time than now to begin offering stem cells for medical use. You and your patients will be thrilled with the results. Call one of our expert advisors today.

Join the ever growing network of Chiropractors who are changing the face of patient care with Neo Matrix’s life-changing stem cells for medical use.

As one of our Chiropractic Regenerative Therapy Program providers, you’ll be equipped to provide a whole new level of relief to your patients. Offering regenerative therapy for the care and healing of joints, wounds and other musculoskeletal issues will be rewarding both professionally and financially. Contact us to learn more.