1. STEM Cell Sourcing

    Stem cells can be obtained from several sources, and each source has its ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES. So let’s explore which source of stem cells will not only get you the best results, but are also safe and fully regulated by the FDA. Stem cells can be broadly considered to be sourced 3 ways: allogenically, autogenically and xenogenically. The source of cells utilized can be autologous, meanin…Read More

  2. What Are Stem Cells?

    In simple terms, a stem cell is a single cell that can replicate itself (self-renew and generate perfect copies of itself upon division) OR differentiate into many cell types (produce specialized cell types that perform specific functions in the body).   To use an analogy, a stem cell is like a joker in a deck of cards. We can decide what the joker will become. We can have the Joker become an ace…Read More

  3. Major Frustrations joint injury patients encounter when trying to get conventional help

    Here are typical standard approaches to injuries of the joints and connective tissue: Pain relief...when it comes to acute pain relief NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), such as Acetaminophen, are typically the first suggested medical treatment. Most people consider acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol ®) as being an extremely safe pain reliever for both children and adults. The reality is th…Read More

  4. How Stem Cell Therapy Treatment Actually Works

    The human body carries around 200 different types of cells, with 20 kinds of structures, and serve many different purposes. That said, stem cells are unique cells that target the repair and rejuvenation of tissue and other cells. Stem cells are a crucial part of healing and can help our bodies ge through the aches and pains caused by age. From a scientific perspective, aging is simply the wearing …Read More

  5. Stem Cell Therapy For Your Skin

    Tired of smearing on creams? Horrified by the idea of going the knife just clear up a few of your wrinkles? Neo Matrix Medical is here to offer you our progressive anti-aging cosmetics solution. With our stem cell therapy treatment, our new approach gives you the easy regime you’ve been looking for. Here are the benefits of using our stem cell therapy for your cosmetic needs: non-surgical proced…Read More

  6. The Truth Behind Common Stem Cell Research Myths

    Science is often flocked with questions and concerns about moral and safe practices. At Neo Matrix Medical, we want to assure you that our stem cell research and therapy practices do not impose on your moral views. So, let’s discuss the five most common misconceptions about stem cell therapy treatments. Myth: Stem cell research is an unethical practice. With the rising concerns and rumors that s…Read More

  7. Remedy for a broken heart – Scientists grow a beating human heart in a lab

    Scientist have for long been researching the employment of stem cells to cure heart diseases. Heart disease claims more than 17 million deaths worldwide every year making it the biggest cause of death. Congenital heart defects, heart attacks and alcoholism/drug abuse continually damage the heart. While most defects gradually weaken the heart over time, heart attacks may sometimes result in sudden …Read More

  8. Stem Cell Therapy Is Saving Lives, Canadian Doctors Treat Patient With Multiple Sclerosis

    Stem cells have successfully been used to treat various blood related forms of cancer for years and now research has paved way for treatments that encompass a vast range of conditions – from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to osteoarthritis, muscle degeneration, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis, a debilitating disease. The most common procedure for stem cell therapy is bone marrow transp…Read More

  9. Stem Cell Research: Where Are We Headed?

    Stem cells are beneficial and remarkably so. They have the ability to develop into many different crucial cell types in the body. Moreover, stem cell therapy is employed into curing different forms of cancer. Stem cells, in fact, do cure certain types of cancer currently, primarily leukemia and lymphomas. Research is underway to expand this portfolio to hopefully all forms of cancer. Scientists ar…Read More