Our Revolutionary Stem Cell Research And Therapy

Your body has many different kinds of cells. Though they might look different under a microscope, most cells have chemical and structural features in common.

Humans have about 200 different types of cells, and within these cells there are about 20 different types of structures. Our joints, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and bones are constantly breaking down and deteriorating due to wear and tear and injury. And our body naturally helps rebuild and heal these joints with the help of stem cells.

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials. They are the cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated. Under the right conditions in the body or a laboratory, stem cells divide to form more cells. These cells either become new stem cells (self-renewal) or become specialized cells (differentiation) with a more specific function, such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle or bone.

No other cell in the body is like a stem cell. It is the only one with the natural ability to generate new cell types. This priceless fact has spurred much modern stem cell research and therapy.

As we age, the amount of stem cells in our body declines. The ones that remain gradually relinquish their job of repair and maintenance with age and their regenerative process becomes less efficient. This occurs because stem cells become dormant in increasing numbers, as rising levels of age-related cellular damage change the mix of chemical signals propagating through tissues.

What Can Stem Cells Cure?

While it’s inaccurate to say that stem cells can “cure” disease or signs of aging, researchers have found that by restoring signals to a more youthful mix, such as through infusing old tissue with young blood, aged stem cell populations can be restored to action and some of the impact of aging on our tissues might be reversed.

While the stem cell therapeutics offered by Neo Matrix Medical may not turn back the hands of time, it can help restore our body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself that we may have taken for granted as children.

FAQs About Neo Matrix Stem Cell Therapeautics

Q: If my Dr. were to suggest a Neo Matrix product, what am I really getting as a patient?

Neo Matrix provides a stem cell therapy where placenta tissue matrix is injected into a problem area. What this matrix does is introduce placenta tissue matrix (PTM) to activate the cells which are already in your body. This matrix also gives stem cells the signal they need to rebuild the problem area. The stem cells are already in your body, they are just missing the signal that turns them on.

Q: Where do stem cells used in such therapies come from?

Thanks to stem cell research and therapy, we now know that stem cells can be obtained from embryonic tissue, placenta tissue matrix and placenta, or from the patient him/herself. Today, most medical professionals harvest stem cells from the patient’s own fat or bone marrow. However, these ‘adult’ stem cells are low in quantity and often don’t have the tools or capacity to properly regenerate connective tissue. The results are inconsistent and this procedure requires surgical intervention which makes it very costly. At Neo Matrix Medical we DO NOT use stem cells sourced from embryonic tissue because of moral and ethical implications as well as possible tumor generation.

Q: Where does Neo Matrix acquire its stem cells?

A: NEO MATRIX uses PLACENTA TISSUE MATRIX (PTM) in our products. Our placenta tissue matrix is derived from the maternal placenta that is donated by select mothers. Not only do the mothers who donate their placentas undergo rigorous health screening and have their pregnancy closely monitored, their baby must be born healthy and numerous other criteria must be satisfied in order for the placenta to be accepted and processed by our FDA-cleared lab. This tissue is the most suitable source of cells for stem cell research and tissue regeneration therapy. In addition these cells contain other biological properties that are important to take into account including: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fibrosis, low immunogenicity and anti-scarring.

Q: What are the ethical issues with using stem cell therapeutics?

A: For Neo Matrix Medical there are none. Because our stem cell source is the same tissue typically disposed of by hospital personnel after a newborn child is delivered, we have eliminated ethical, political and moral concerns associated with EMBRYONIC stem cell therapy.

Q: What types of stem cells is Neo Matrix utilizing in its stem cell therapies?

A: Neo Matrix is using a placental matrix component, which through its specialized procurement and processing maximally preserves beneficial biologically active components that assist in reviving dormant stem cells. In addition, it can also increase the replication at site of injury with cell/tissue differentiation with a potentially quicker, stronger functional recovery.

Q: Is the PTM (stem cell therapy) treatment safe?

A: In most medical procedures you are asked to sign paperwork that warns you about numerous possible side effects. While you will be required to review and sign a consent form prior to the procedure, you will not be alarmed by any of its contents. The “extracellular matrix” (PTM) we use signals and triggers natural healing to damaged and injured tissue. Thousands of patients have been treated without a single incident.

Q: Am I a candidate for stem cell therapy?

If you’re suffering from any of the conditions listed here you may be considered as candidates for Neo Matrix Medical, PTM stem cell therapy. You may stumble upon information on the internet about stem cells being administered to people with a variety of serious medical conditions. We caution all our patients to carefully consider the claims of benefit being made by many of these programs, as they have not been substantiated nor have they been reviewed by experts in the field or any regulatory agency. Because of the potential for harm, the lack of any proven benefit, and the high fees that many of these programs charge, we caution you not to participate in these or any other comparable unauthorized or unapproved stem cell administrations, unless independent credible, reliable, and objective sources of information are available to substantiate the information and claims being made.

Q: What’s the success rate of stem cell therapeutics?

A: Because the human body is so complex, we can never say without a doubt that each treatment will be 100% effective. In medicine, there are very few guarantees. However, the majority of patients are very pleased with the results of this therapy. Most patients see results after one treatment while others need additional treatments to achieve an optimum result.

Q: If the therapy doesn’t work, what are my options?

A: Receiving stem cell therapy is an attractive alternative to expensive and invasive surgery. In fact, if it does not produce the result you desire, and surgery becomes inevitable, you may still have a better outcome after stem cell therapy. As mentioned in an earlier answer, we do NOT suggest stem cell therapy in ANY case where we clearly believe surgery is a better course of action. Our commitment at Neo Matrix Medical is not to sell you on a treatment, but ensure you are given the best option for your health and wellbeing.

Q: How does stem cell therapy work—and how do the cells know where to go and what to do?

A: When tissue is damaged, it causes cytokines to be released. Cytokines are a broad and loose category of small proteins that are important in cell signaling. They are released by cells and affect the behavior of other cells. Cytokines send signals that activate and attract cells to come to the problem area and work together to heal this damaged tissue. Because we recommend the use of musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound, the placement of the placenta tissue matrix product is more precise and therefore the cells are in the specific area of injury or disease.

Q: What is the difference between stem cell therapy and other treatments such as steroid injections, joint replacements, joint resurfacing, and others?

A: Other treatments like pills and steroid injections can temporarily improve a condition and reduce pain, but stem cell therapy has the potential to “reverse” the problem because of the cells’ ability to create completely new tissue. What would you prefer, to cover up the problem or actually eliminate the problem? Stem cell therapy is a safe and accepted treatment that can address the cause and regenerate the tissue. The procedure is minimally invasive and not life threatening like surgery. It takes just a few minutes to perform in the comfort and convenience of our office. In addition, patients experience minimal pain during the procedure.

Q: How many times will I require treatment for my condition?

A: At Neo Matrix we recommend MSK (musculoskeletal) ultrasound for your initial visit to determine if you may receive a benefit from our treatment as well as how much product would be needed for maximum benefit. If the reading physician determines product placement is warranted, then we schedule the appointment for product placement. The procedure will take place utilizing ultrasound guidance to ensure the best outcome for you, the patient. Two follow up visits will be scheduled at three months and six months after the procedure to document tissue remodeling. Some patients need only one treatment, while others may need two or more to achieve the best outcome.

Q: What factors affect the results of Neo Matrix’s stem cell therapy?

A: Your response to therapy will depend on the degree of tissue damage you have sustained, the presence of any disease(s) and of course your overall health. The size and location of the area to be treated is also a factor. However, during your initial assessment, your clinician is looking closely at your condition to qualify or exclude you as a candidate for this therapy. You will not be recommended for stem cell therapy if there is any reason to believe it will produce little to no measurable effect.

Q: Can something be done to increase the effectiveness of stem cell therapy?

Your doctor may have additional recommendations, but in general there are a few things you can do to positively impact your results. 1. Following a nutritional supplement program designed for your specific condition. 2. Adhere to post-procedure guidelines and your “take-home” instructions. EXAMPLE: Do NOT take NSAIDs (aspirin, Motrin, ibuprofen, Aleve, etc.) because they can impede the inflammatory response needed for the greatest healing. 3. Continue any physical or other adjunctive therapies we recommend or that were suggested to you by your other medical providers. 4. Limit your intake of alcohol consumption as it delays the body’s ability to release stem cells and weakens the healing process.

Q: How much recovery time should I expect to have after stem cell therapy?

A: It would be prudent to plan to rest and take it very easy for two to three days after your treatment. This of course depends on what you’re being treated for, as most patients experience little to no downtime from stem cell therapy. The thing to remember is just because you’re getting treatment designed to give your body the help it needs to heal, doesn’t mean you should rush right out of the treatment room and resume vigorous activity. Give the therapy time to achieve its effects.

Q: What is the length of time for the healing process to be complete?

A: Initially, there may be an inflammatory response for several days post-procedure, which is expected and means that the stem cells are activated. Usually, the patient then can expect a significant relief in pain within 2 to 4 or 2 to 6 weeks. More episodes of inflammation may occur during the post treatment period. The tissue will gradually rebuild, repair and regenerate over the course of 2 to 6 months. The repair and healing process is expected to be complete within 6 months. This is what we are seeing for patients to achieve maximal benefit, however many patients experience noticeable improvement within 30 days.

Q: Will my insurance cover the stem cell therapy?

A: While we expect there to be a shift in this in the future, currently NO health insurers cover tissue rejuvenation treatments. However, most Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Medical Savings Accounts (MSA) will pay for this type of therapy. Because health insurance is not often able to be accepted as payment for this treatment, Neo Matrix helps patients by providing payment plans. We strive to make the treatment available to as many people as we can. We have partnered with lenders who will look at your situation and, based on your credit score and/or income, offer a plan that works for you.

Q: When is the best time for me to schedule stem cell therapy?

A: As you probably know, most medical problems that are troublesome do not get better if ignored. Quite the contrary, they usually get worse. Much worse. So the minute you realize that your condition has not significantly improved, that is the time to schedule a consultation for stem cell therapy. Acting fast can allow you to restore your body to healthy function and may mean the difference between having to undergo invasive, risky, expensive and painful surgery versus having a few simple injections.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy Using Neo Matrix Placenta Tissue Matrix

  • The product is regulated by the FDA, easy to inject, and has been shown to be effective.
  • It is an attractive alternative to painful, time-consuming, invasive and expensive procedures many medical practices use to obtain adult stem cells.
  • Does not cause immune system concerns or tissue rejection because they are immune-privileged.
  • Our placental tissue matrix is sourced from the amniotic tissue present in placenta after a live c-section birth from healthy mothers with healthy newborns.
  • Extremely stringent criteria are in place ensuring the health of both mother and child.
  • This tissue is the most suitable source of cells for tissue regeneration versus cells obtained from other harvesting methods.
  • No risk of cancer, transfer of genetic disease, or tissue rejection.
  • These cells contain other biological properties that are important to take into account including: anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fibrosis, low immunogenicity and anti-scarring.
  • The therapy encourages tissue repair by creating a natural framework to facilitate cellular adhesion while assisting cellular movement and increase of new healthy cell growth.

Is it Worth the Investment to Undergo PTM Stem Cell Therapy?

The decision to undergo stem cell therapy is one of the smartest and most important investments you could make, especially when you consider all the hassle and expense of trying to manage your condition in other ways.

  • Multiple doctors, physical or emotional therapist or other professional visits per month or year.
  • Scans, Exams, MRI’s, X-rays and CT scans.
  • Injections, pills, creams and other prescriptions for anti-inflammatory or narcotic pain medications.
  • Medical devices such as braces, orthotics, canes, walkers, and more.
  • Risks of addiction, mental, physical and psychological harm from medications.
  • Your cost for travel, car or other transportation related expenses.

When you start to consider all the time and cost involved in just a few of the items listed above…let alone if you had to endure all of them…you can see why an investment in stem cell therapy is not only smart, but in many cases the most economical choice!

Many people suffer for decades with chronic pain. The tragedy is, in so many of these cases it could have been prevented had they received stem cell therapy early in the process. Instead, they are now stuck with the painful and expensive choice of undergoing things like “joint replacement” costing upwards of $20,000 to $60,000!

Fortunately, you have the option to AVOID all that. The choice to invest in stem cell therapy early in this process is significantly less that what you would have to spend later. On top of that, it holds the potential to reverse your problem and that is more valuable than anything else.

At Neo Matrix Medical we utilize the newest applications in stem cell research and therapy, resulting in superior and faster results. That said… “In addition, we integrate ultrasound into our treatment protocol in order to maximize results.”

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